What Social Media Marketing has Taught Me by Marissa Cooper


twitterEveryone Has a Story

Whether it is your life long passion, job, or a requirement for class, social media is used to share your experiences, thoughts, and opinions for millions of people to connect with you.

Personal Learning Network

Everyone has to have a source where they receive the information they share. Using  Feedly allowed me to share and grow my personal learning by sharing articles that had to do with advertising within consumer behavior. This also allowed me to connect with like-minded people who shared my same interests. With gaining more followers and following more people, I was able to understand and grow my knowledge of advertising in consumer behavior.

Managing Your Plan

At times it can be overwhelming in deciding when you are going to be able to share your content.  Hootsuite allowed me to schedule my tweets and LinkedIn updates. Also with my Hootsuite certification, I was able to learn about how companies use Hootsuite to monitor what customers are saying about their business and how they can interact with those customers to create a superior product.


I never in my life thought that I would have to create a blog. Having to write blogs in Social Media Marketing has allowed me to expand my knowledge and learn more about why I am so interested in advertising in consumer behavior. With blogging, I see it as a form of expression and not just words on a screen.

Not to be a Link Dropper! Add annotation.

Many people on sites like Google+and LinkedIn just drops links from articles that they found and not put any reason as to why they liked the article and was insightful to them. Social annotation is one thing that I learned to be extremely helpful because it allows engagement with me and my followers. Annotation is the key to being successful on these sites so people can know that you are sharing content with a purpose.

Having an Impact on Social Media

 With sites like Kred and Kout, I was able to track my influence on my social media sites. These scores showed my outreach to my target market. This allowed me to change or continue my ways of interacting on these site to enhance my brand image.

The Takeaway

 Social Media Marketing has expanded my knowledge of the power social media provides. Social media is another strategy for outreach within a individuals field. Whether it is marketing a company or personal branding, social media creates creativity and networking.


Image credit: Photo by Marissa Cooper


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